Revival #2

by lucstclair on August 14, 2012

After Arlene Dittman’s “second death” in her barn at the hands of Dana & Martha, her corpse is examined by the local medical examiner. But after the recent events, the dead won’t stay dead and is there a connection to the ghostly apparition that keeps lurking in the forest?


The Team

Written by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, The Occultist, Loaded Bible Book 1), illustrated by Mike Norton (Young Justice Vol. 1, Battlepug, Queen & Country) & coloured by Mark Englert. Published monthly by Image Comics


The Pros

With this second issue of this noir series, I’m getting a weird Twin Peaks vibe with a dash of George A. Romero & X-Files. Except Laura Palmer is snapping back to life, Mulder & Scully are long gone & these are not your typical ghoulish zombies out for human flesh, they’re just people who’ve died and came back to life severely disoriented. Is the cause a disease? A biological terrorist attack? Divine intervention? Or are aliens involved? Obviously it’s way too early to tell, but the writer those a good job to build up the mystery and flesh out the characters. The sisterhood bond between Dana & Martha is shaken up by Martha’s “death” from the last issue, as she instigates a fight with a complete stranger in a bar and gets a brutal beating by said stranger. The dramatic daddy issues are also displayed, but doesn’t lay it on too thick or make it seem cheesy.

I saw the old lady/reviver autopsy coming from a while away, but it’s still a very effecting part that made my skin crawl. The only part that doesn’t seem to come in play with the story (as of yet anyway) is the whole exorcism part. It starts off as an exorcist situation we’ve seen in countless movies, but takes an interesting turn I never saw coming. I’m sure we’ll see more of Mr. Abel in future issues. And finally the strange howling ghost/alien apparition makes a second appearance, but in sound only.


Even though the plot jumps from town to town, penciller Mike Norton, with the help of colourist Mark Englert paint a perfect picture of a snow covered Minnesota like community that just screams Fargo with a sheriff, deputies and quirky characters like the old gangster rap listening health nut Lester Majak & the charlatan Mr. Abel. It’s funny how the cover only portrays a fraction of what’s really happening with this issue.


The Cons

I like Mike Norton’s illustrations, except at one point Dana & Martha look too much alike. Maybe it’s just me and I know they’re supposed to be sisters, but at some point of the story when both siblings are out in different bars and with the black hair and the freckles, I had trouble figuring out who’s who.



The Outcome

This was a fine second issue for a creepy & mysterious story with limitless potential. It’s a familiar setting with a unique approach and I look forward to more issues.  One of the better series from Image Comics





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