Saga #6

by lucstclair on August 12, 2012

Marko & Alana’s search finally pays off, as they reach the Rocketship Forest & have an unexpected visit. Meanwhile, it’s all down hill for the Will.

The Team

Written by Brian K. Vaughan (Y The Last Man, Ex Machina, Wolverine : Logan) & illustrated, coloured & inked by Fiona Staples (Mystery Society, North 40). Published by Image Comics

The Pros

First up, I want to talk about the amazing covers Fiona Staples has displayed since the very first issue. Often in comics, especially in mainstream comics, covers tend to lie, maybe lying is too strong of a word, more like exaggerate or mislead the reader. Images on the cover have the right characters from the inside pages, except the action displayed on the cover is sometimes far fetched or other times completely false to what’s really happening throughout the inside story. Now I understand that comics are also a business that these companies need to sell their product and presentation is everything, I get that. Now I admit I’ve been a sucker for a pretty cover several times in my comic book collecting life. Mostly new #1 issues, but who hasn’t fell for that gimmick (curse you X-Force #1 with your bagged & carded multiple #1s).


Now I don’t except the covers to be exact copies from an inside panel, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is give me something original and try not to stray too far from the truth. At 2.99$ or 3.99$ a comic, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Fiona Staples doesn’t have that problem, I won’t break down all 6 covers, but suffice to say, they are very creative, unexpected & full of wonder. This new one has got to be the best she’s ever pencilled. Sure there’s no hero pose or villains in action, but it’s a gorgeous shot of a trail of leaves the “rocket tree” has left behind, as the glare from its fiery engines leaves a shining light & a few silhouettes on a couple of leaves leaving the planet in the far distance. Now it’s true that image is nowhere to be found in the comic, however it’s plausible, taken into the context of this space fantasy adventure. You have rocket in a form of a tree blasting into the space, it’s gonna leave a few leaves behind like it’s the autumn season. Before I even read this issue, I found myself just staring at the cover for 5 minutes in complete awe, getting lost in my imagination. That’s the effect of a truly remarkable cover.


Another thing that bothers me sometimes is the full two-page spread out. Guys Jim Lee & Todd Mcfarlane simply adore their two-page spread outs. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jim Lee’s work, but I think his ego gets the best of him sometimes and he likes to show off just a bit. Some of you might argue that if you’re good and you know it, why hide it. I disagree. Two-page spread outs should only be drawn to showcase an object or event of massive proportions. Something that tells the reader, this is big, huge & sometimes intimidating. I won’t spoil it, but the two-page spread out from this issue is a stunner and you’ll understand why it was done.


The role seems reversed for all these characters, the good guys finally get a break and the bad guys seem to be down on their luck. You root for Marko, Alana, little Hazel & Izabel and you can’t help feel a little sorry for the Stalk’s demise (even though she’s a killer spider-lady). The Will’s vulnerable side is shown to the reader as he puts his face in his hands (c’mon Lying Cat, give the man some purring affection), it’s not clear if he mourns the death of the Stalk or if she was his last hope to save the little slave girl or this mission is finally taking its toll on him. You decide. The hired gun with a heart of gold is something I didn’t expect from this story. Brian K. Vaughan’s fantasy tale just flows effortlessly like a river, but never feels rushed and it’s always captivating. His use of humour is always a treat, like the part when Alana steps out of a soothing hot shower from inside the rocket tree. Her reaction is priceless. Like most issues from this series, the ending always has a cliff hanger. I’d like to quote a phrase from Stephen’s recent & terrific review of Sweet Tooth #36 “…signs of a great comic are ones that make you think afterwards and anticipate the next issue…” Well said my friend.



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This series is the reason I absolutely adore comics.









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