The Immortal Hulk #3

by lucstclair on July 17, 2018

Writer : Al Ewing
Artist : Joe Bennett, Leonardo Romero, Paul Hornschemeier, Marguerite Sauvage & Garry Brown
Publisher : Marvel

Reporter Jackie McGee from Immortal Hulk #1 interviews 4 different eye-witnesses to a terrible ordeal involving a super-powered teen and a certain green goliath. All four characters see the Hulk/Bruce Banner in different POVs as the events unfolded; the cop sees him as the hero, the bartender sees him as a junkie criminal, the old lady sees him as a monster and the priest sees him as the devil himself. What’s interesting is that except for the standard story, pencilled by regular artist Joe Bennett, all 4 accounts are drawn by 4 different artists who bring their specific style to bring mood and style to how the witnesses tale their versions of what happened.

For the cop’s story, artist Leonardo Romero brings a Jack Kirby-esque style, a sorta all-American larger than life approach with big colorful lettering and speech balloons. For the bartender’s story, Paul Hornschemeier’s art looks more like an Indy style that’s normally not associated with super hero comics, but it works here. For the old lady’s story, Marguerite Sauvage has a romantic approach to her art with pastel colors and dream-like sequences. And finally, for the priest’s story, Garry Brown lends his talents for a darker and grittier tone.

The horror style that normally fuels this series seemed a little toned down, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. And without going into spoilers, for those of you who are craving an old-fashioned Hulk and villain fight, I think you’ll get your wish with the next issue. Hulk will definitely smash.

Only three issues in and this series is one those titles I look forward to every month.

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