Death or Glory #1 Review

by lucstclair on May 03, 2018

Writer : Rick Remender
Penciller : Bengal
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher : Image

Stepping away from his weird science and otherworldly dimensions titles, Rick Remender gives us Death or Glory, a high-speed chase, modern western crime story with part Hell or High Water, The Wraith & peppered with some Smokey and the Bandit (you millennials might have to look up those last two). Buckle your seatbelt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

The story revolves around Glory Owen, a spunky and smart young mechanic, who’s father figure Red is dying from cancer and desperately needs a liver transplant. With no medical insurance and bills piling up, Glory takes to a life of crime. With crooked cops and a drug-dealing ex-husband, targets are easy to come by, all you need is a plan. But plans always work out in your head, but Glory’s about to find out that things can go south in a heartbeat. 

Writer Rick Remender doesn’t waste time introducing the characters, we know who’s who in this first issue and that’s a good thing, making it a double-sized issue probably helps. We have Glory, her “family” of truck drivers and good ‘ol boys, a liquid nitrogen-wielding stranger who’s as cold as his weapon of choice, a dirty sheriff and his dim-witted deputy, an egotistical ex-husband and a Korean mob boss. There’s good guys and bad guys and some shades of gray, you can decide. 

I wish the dialogue could’ve been a little snappier, I’m not expecting Quentin Tarantino, but gimme something to chew on, although the conversations between the sheriff and the deputy made me chuckle and the action is super charged.

On to the artwork. I’m unfamiliar with Bengal’s work, but I like what I see. High speed car chases on and around beautiful red deserts & mountains, you can almost feel the dust hitting your face. There’s a terrific two-page spread of inside a garage that will make any grease monkey and car enthusiast salivate Pennzoil. Like the show Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, I think the backdrop of New Mexico or in this case Arizona, with its wide open spaces and harsh elements, is a great setting for a crime story. 

Now I can’t speak for my self, but if you want a break from avenging super heroes or time-travelling doctors, this might be for you. I had a blast. 

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