Avengers Vs X-Men #9

by lucstclair on August 04, 2012

As more & more wounded Avengers are being brought at K’un Lun for medical attention, Spider-Man takes a severe beaten at the hands of the Phoenix possessed Colossus & Magic.


The Pros

This one has Spider-Man being the hero he always is, as he gets the s**t kicked out of him by 2 Phoenix entities. With Namor down for the count (see last issue), things still look grim for the Avengers as some X-Men start to question if they truly are on the right side. Plenty of action with an ending that will definitely shift the balance of this story. Illustrator Adam Kubert delivers some of the best work he’s done since Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, I especially loved the fight scenes between Spider-Man & the Phoenix Colossus & the Phoenix Magic.


The Cons

Despite the fact that I still enjoyed this issue, I’m still anxious for this series to end.


The Outcome

Better than the average issue of AVX and has a kick-ass cover by Jim Cheung (you know Spider-Man had a rough day when one of his mask eyes is cracked). Written by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction & Jonathan Hickman. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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