Think Tank #1

by lucstclair on July 30, 2012

Dr. David Loren, brilliant inventor, slacker, over achiever, sloth & genius. He works for a government organization called DARPA, Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. Part of his job is to invent weapons that kill people, but that has taken a toll on Dr. Loren’s conscience and he wants to put a stop to it. But will the powers that be let him?


The Pros

A fascinating look into the mind of a genius delivered with a slice of humour makes this first issue an absolute delight. Written & co-created by Matt Hawkins & illustrated by co-creator Aahsan Ekedal (Solomon Kane Vol. 3 : Red Shadows). They have crafted a clever story, rich with interesting characters, especially the smart ass protagonist Dr. David Loren. Loren is a brilliant doctor/scientist that is somewhat of a jokester who selfishly only thinks for himself and uses humour to cover up is own insecurities. In one hilarious part, Loren has successfully invented a mind reading machine and demonstrates to his lab partner how it works, on a couple of single girls in a dance club.


Ekedal’s illustrations are presented in beautiful black & white and gives the comic a slick look that really complements every single page. Now even though there’s no color added, the characters eyes really bring out their features. I was really impressed by his style of pencilling.


The Cons

No sure I’m ready for another ongoing title, but we’ll see with a few more issues.


The Outcome

Image Comics does it again, as 2012 is their year, no doubt about it. I really enjoyed this issue and I recommend it to anyone looking for something different.

Our Score:


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