Amazing Spider-Man #690

by lucstclair on July 28, 2012

Fed up with Morbius’ murderous spree, Spider-Man relentlessly hunts down the living vampire through the crowded streets of Manhattan. Meanwhile, back at Horizon Labs, an out of his mind Dr. Connors desperately searches for a remedy to turn him back into the Lizard at the expense of the staff members.


The Pros

A fast paced comic with thrills & chills as Morbius gets his just desserts. The appearance of the Kingpin & Hobgoblin will make things interesting for Spider-Man for future issues. I look forward to that.


The Cons

Nor really a fan of Madam Web, she’s just there as a plot device and just seems to annoy Spider-Man more than anything.


The Outcome

I always enjoy the wall to wall Spider-Man fights and the Spidey Vs. Morbius match did not disappoint. All in all a decent enough issue. Written by Dan Slott & illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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