Aquaman #11

by lucstclair on July 26, 2012

As Aquaman & the Others regroup, Black Manta has got plans that involves the kidnapping of Dr. Shin!


The Pros

Not a bad issue. The plot thickens a little bit as we get some more history lessons on the origins of Atlantis and its first ruler. Writer Geoff Johns’ story progresses and Ivan Reis’ illustration are great as usual. I love his full page sketch of Vostok & like this month’s Green Lantern, that is one bad-ass cover!


The Cons

The ending feels like a Tomb Raider scene. Weird.


The Outcome

I’ve been having doubts about continuing this series, but like me, if you’ve come this far into this series, you might as well stick around until the story arc wraps up. From DC Comics.

Our Score:


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