Resident Alien #3

by lucstclair on July 24, 2012

The killer of Patience is revealed, as the good doctor’s theories are put to the ultimate test. Plus: the military makes a startling discovery!


The Pros

I love this series and this last issue is the final piece of the puzzle that brings it all together. Our alien citizen fancies himself quite the sleuth, but his human side starts to show, as to err is to be human, even if you’re an alien in human disguise. The relationship between Harry & his nurse Asta takes an interesting turn and Harry seems to have made a home for himself in Patience, whether or not its permanent remains to be seen. Writer Peter Hogan (Terra Obscura Vol. 1) has crafted a nice little sci-fi alien story cloaked in a clever murder mystery. Steve Parkhouse’s (Angel Fire) illustration struck the right tone for life in a small cottage town.


The Cons

My only minor complaint is that it would have been interesting to see how the alien’s human deception looks through the citizen’s eyes.


The Outcome

The good news about coming to the end of this fun mini-series is that Dark Horse is planning to bring back the friendly alien doctor in the pages of Dark Horse Presents and eventually in a new series entitled Resident Alien 2 : The Suicide Blonde. If you’re looking for something different to read, than I highly recommend this series, hunting for back issues shouldn’t be too hard to find, or you can always wait for the tpb which will eventually come out. This issue gets a 4 star rating and the entire run gets a 4 star rating as well. Here are my reviews of Resident Alien #0, #1 & #2.

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