Grim Leaper #3

by lucstclair on July 24, 2012

Lou & Ella seemed to be destined to die horribly in this vicious cycle of death, but their attempt to change their destinies could be a move that could go either way.


The Pros

Another fun issue of mirth & mayhem. Like a pair of lovesick magnets, Lou & Ella find each other again, like they always do, but this time they take the time to really get to know each other in what seems to be their first official date. But fear not gore lovers, this comic wouldn’t be what it is without some gruesome death scenes. Their date is at the zoo. I’ll let that sink in. Penciller Aluisio C. Santos has a lot of fun with the panels filled with blood & guts combined with heart symbols that would make Cupid jealous. Writer Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake) lays on the dialogue pretty thick, as Lou & Ella get some serious character development.


The Cons



The Outcome

With one more issue to go, I’m anxious to see how this wraps up. From Image Comics.

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