Nightwing #11

by lucstclair on July 20, 2012

Nightwing busts a few heads at the secret training facility of the Republic of Tomorrow, as he goes toe to toe with the leader Paragon. Plus : What is detective Nie’s obsession with Nightwing?


The Pros

I really like this title. Some thrilling action scenes as Nightwing faces off against a room full of masked militias in a wild sequence involving a giant clock. Plus : Paragon brutally ties up some loose ends and makes the cut for another Gotham City madman. Regular writer Kyle Higgins builds up an intriguing mystery & Andres Guinaldo does a fine job with the illustrations. With the exception of Jim Gordon, is it me or do all the characters have Asian faces?


The Cons

Just when I’m getting use to Eddy Barrows’ pencilling style, DC springs a new illustrator in mid story arc. I really hate that.


The Outcome

A thrilling issue that deserves a decent rating. From DC Comics.

Our Score:


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