Saga #5

by lucstclair on July 17, 2012

Things get downright violent when Marko & Alana are confronted by military thugs, while The Will bargains for the life of the little slave girl he saved.


The Pros

Another fantastic issue from Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples, featuring a weird and crazy sci-fi world with oddball characters & beautiful environments. This series covers serious subjects like parenting, intolerance, slavery & oppression and still has a few chuckles thrown in for good measure. Vaughn & Staples have created a unique series that doesn’t seem slow down month after month. It’s never boring and it’s always intriguing.

And every month Fiona Staples dazzles the reader with stunning covers.


The Cons



The Outcome

I have a feeling this series will never run out of gas, it’s that good. If you missed out on Saga 1,2,3,4 it could be hard to find and expensive too, so my advice is to wait for the trade to come out. Reading it in one nice volume will be rewarding. From Image Comics.

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