Baltimore : Dr. Leskovar’s Remedy #2

by lucstclair on July 16, 2012

In a strange and desperate attempt to redeem himself, Dr. Leskovar, now a brute vampire-bat creature, offers his surgically altered creations a final cure. Caught in the middle, Lord Baltimore battles the unholy beasts to save a nearby fishing community. But monsters of a different nature are stirring on the shore.


The Pros

It’s a royal rumble at Vamp Village and I’ve got a ring side seat. This was a fun little mini series with tons of action & plenty of vampire slaughter. I’ll never look at seafood the same way again. Writers Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden have written a story about how good men with even the best intentions can fail or make a difference. Illustrator Ben Stenbeck, like Mignola, has an eye for drawing ghoulishly large monsters and gave this series a nice flare for the horrific.


The Cons

No negative comments here.


The Outcome

Looking forward to more Baltimore adventures, because Lord Baltimore’s crusade is far from over and as long as Mignola & Golden keep writing ‘em , I’ll keep reading ‘em. From Dark Horse Comics.

Our Score:


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