Planetoid #2

by lucstclair on July 13, 2012

After Mendel provides Silas with food & shelter, Silas wanders the beaten path and comes across the crash site of a huge transport ship. With no sign of life inside, Silas hopes to salvage what he can from the ship and maybe repair it to leave this god forsaken planet… but he’s not the only interested party.


The Pros

The lone gunman continues his perilous journey in this fun sci-fi western filled with big killer robots, a large alien & lizards in the wild. Written & illustrated by Ken Garing. New characters are introduced and Silas kicks some serious robot ass.


The Cons

Doesn’t have the same charm as the first issue did.


The Outcome

A decent enough issue with a few thrills & chills. From Image Comics.

Our Score:


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