Space Punisher #1

by lucstclair on July 12, 2012

One man’s thirst for vengeance knows no boundaries, even the cold reaches of space couldn’t keep the Punisher away from avenging the deaths of his family in this wild & funny series that takes the Punisher and puts him in totally different surroundings.


The Pros

This fun and guilty pleasure quickly establishes the plot for the next 3 issues. The (Space) Punisher’s hit list he calls the Six-Fingered Hand, consists of 6 nasty bad guys familiar to the Marvel Universe, but are space versions of themselves. Writer Frank Tieri (Punisher Noir) has fun with this series and you can tell, on one page the Punisher, looking like a bad-ass version of Buck Rogers walks into a space tavern and invokes fear in the patrons like Thanos & Annihilus (is that Boba Fett?). Old school Punisher & Ghost Rider fans will remember illustrator Mark Texeira. His realistic & movie-like faces & muscle bound characters look better than ever & his cover is just the coolest.


The Cons

Not too heavy on plot, but then again that’s not why I bought it.


The Outcome

The Punisher meets Lobo in a story that’s not to be taken seriously. If you can deal with that aspect then this might interest you. I thought it was an original twist on the Punisher mixed with a dash of sci-fi. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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