Strain #6

by lucstclair on July 09, 2012

After Dr. Goodweather & Dr. Martinez bail out Mr. Setrakian from jail, he proceeds to tell them the cause of this potential epidemic and shows them something that goes against everything they know as scientists.


The Pros

The tension is brought up to warp factor 10, as the source of this vampiric disease is revealed and the vampires responsible for these atrocities. The plot thickens and that spells trouble for the protagonists of this story. Scripter David Lapham (Silverfish) keeps the reader on his toes with some seriously intense moments of suspense, fear & an ending that will shock you. Penciller Mike Huddleston’s (The Coffin) illustrations are creepy as hell, especially with moments of attacking vampires. Like last issue, this issue sports a beautiful looking cover by E.M. Gist.


The Cons

I rarely have anything bad to say about this series.


The Outcome

Half way through this great horror series and I still have no idea where it’s going and I love that fact. Based on the novel of the same name by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan. From Dark Horse Comics.

Our Score:


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