Amazing Spider-Man #689

by lucstclair on July 05, 2012

Is Dr. Curt Connors truly cured of his alter ago the Lizard? Or is the Lizard waiting for the perfect moment to retaliate? Plus: Morbius also desires a cure, but when he goes too far, his only cure is Spider-Man’s wrath! Part 2 of “No Turning Back”.


The Pros

A pulse-pounding issue as the mad Dr. Curt Connors’ deception causes havoc at Horizon Labs. Spider-Man is usually a mild mannered super hero who likes to crack jokes while busting bad guys, but every once in while when innocent lives are caught in a cross fire, then he goes ballistic and that’s when the fun starts. Writer Dan Slott totally owns this title and penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Curt Connors look, make Dr. Frankenstein’s facial expressions seem normal.


The Cons

There are glimpses of things to come for this title that could’ve easily been done without the use of Madam Web.


The Outcome

Things go from bad to worse for Spider-Man and the scientists at Horizon Labs and I loved every moment of it. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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