Amazing Spider-Man #688

by lucstclair on June 30, 2012

With the assistance of Spider-Man and the scientists of Horizon Labs, Morbius has a cure for Dr. Curt Connors to rid him of his Lizard mutation once and for all. But is Connors too far gone?


The Pros

A pulse-pounding tale of action and suspense as Spider-Man and his associates desperately try to cure Dr. Connors from his Lizard affliction by repeatedly stabbing him with harpoons laced with a special antidote. Written by regular scriber Dan Slott & illustrated by regular artist Giuseppe Camuncoli who gives The Lizard a look straight out of Jurassic Park. I loved every second of this issue. Definitely wins for most gruesome cover of the week.


The Cons

Zero criticisms.


The Outcome

Dan Slott delivers yet another kick-ass Spider-Man issue and continues to astonish readers with everyone’s favourite wall-crawling super hero. A little birdie told me that the upcoming #700 issue will be a game-changer for Spider-Man and that Slott will be a hated man. It remains to be seen. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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