Spider-Men #2

by lucstclair on June 30, 2012

After waking up for yet another beating from Spider-Man, Mysterio sends a “Mysterio avatar” after Spider-Man, who was sucked into a transporter designed for Mysterio and propelled into a parallel universe. Meanwhile the meeting of Peter Parker & Miles Morales attracts the attention of Nick Fury of the Ultimates.


The Pros

A thrilling issue, as Spider-Man meets Spider-Man in an introduction involving webbings, punches, leaping & unmasking. Brian Michael Bendis’ script is hilarious as Peter & Miles exchange funny dialogue. They both have questions, but no answers. Having never read the new Ultimate Spider-Man, it was a real treat to discover what this Spider-man had to offer. Series regular Sara Pichelli offers her slick & smooth illustrations, which makes this series a feast for the eyes.


The Cons

No criticisms here.


The Outcome

A fun & clever ride for any Spider-Man fan. Don’t miss it. From Marvel Comics.

Our Score:


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