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by King on March 27, 2015

Pixu Main Image
Writer/Artist: Various
Publisher: Dark Horse
What is Pixu? That’s honestly a bit hard to detail, even after having just finished it. Off the bat, it’s a horror pseudo-anthology dealing with madness, lament, anger, and paranoia; amongst other topical elements of the human psyche and emotional spectrum. I use the term pseudo because, impressively enough, while being comprised of an astounding host of authors and artists, the story is connected and coherent while still offering an intriguing tale centered around an unruly cast of victims to whatever terror plagues their lowly apartment complex. Aside from this, Pixu is a great example of how anthologies do not need to work in an entirely disconnected/isolated fashion, and how the unification of multiple artists through their unique styles and traits can deliver a fascinating and potent story. Unfortunately, I’d be overstepping my bounds to say that Pixu is “fascinating and potent”.
Those artists lending their talents to Pixu are Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (Umbrella Academy, Daytripper), Becky Cloonan (The True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys), and Vasilis Losos (The Pirates of Coney Island) all of whom pose incredible talent and even standing with the industry (except for Losos; I kinda just learned about this dude). Interesting to note is also how each artists undertakings and experience entail at least some familiarity with darker and relatively nonlinear subject matter, priming Pixu to be an incredible specimen of storytelling, which in several ways it did in fact deliver on many ends that I would expect of a horror graphic novel; but how did it stack up as a whole?  
All in all Pixu was wonderful in its brevity and nothing short of an ambitious undertaking, but unfortunately fell just shy of making a true impact with me. Its story was resolved and it delivered a legitimate atmosphere of horror and disbelief, but unfortunately this still felt a bit too disjointed in context of what the authors/artists were trying to accomplish with regards to an anthology style horror piece. That being said, I enjoyed Pixu and its uncanny cast of both creators and characters helped to make it standout and even feel a bit refreshing, but ultimately this tale gave me a mild case of “heebie-jeebies” as opposed to briefly losing control of my bowels involuntary. 

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