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All-New Ghost Rider #06

by King on February 07, 2015

All-New Ghost Rider #6 Main Image
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore Damien Scott
Colorist: Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel
Last issue marked the end to what’s been one of my favorite comics arcs in a while, as well as a fantastic entry into the Marvel 616 by one Robbie Reyes (AKA Ghost Rider AKA Skeleton Racer). We saw not only his origin, but his climactic face off against Mr. Hyde (obscure villain to pick, but it was a dope fight) as well as personal issues with school as well as supporting his disabled younger brother. Smith and Moore introduced an easily loveable underdog within the span of 5 issues; but where is Reyes now following his sudden rise to heroism and publicity?
Smith has surprisingly continued his rather down to Earth depiction of Robbie’s lifestyle – since his face off with Mr. Hyde, he’s resumed his studies as well as being an active member of the community, managed to commit less to his job at the mechanics in order to spend more time with Gabe, and is even able to sustain his lifestyle and afford Gabe’s hospital check ups. All is going well for the new Ghost Rider, but his other half is less than appeased by Robbie’s choice of lifestyle as well as his… “application” of his powers.
I think the important thing to note with this series is that Smith does not try to “punk” Robbie out more than necessary; which is great, considering how much the feel of this series echoes certain “Anime tropes.” Robbie is concerned about his brother’s safety and wellbeing, and has no grand delusions of playing hero – he just wants to afford a shelter, Gabe’s medical expenses, and food for the two of them. As odd as it sounds, it’s rather realistic and a sweet sentiment in a generation teeming with brooding teenage antiheros and the needless amounts of “edge” bleeding off of them. Robbie is concerned with himself and his brother first and foremost, adheres to his classwork, and even contributes to the community from time to time.  
While I know for a fact that Moore’s departure from the series has (inevitably) led to a surprising amount of drops, Smith’s narrative is still going strong and Reyes remains one of my favorite inductions into the Marvel-616. Scott’s art is a bold attempt to fill the void created by Moore’s unique style of hyper-kinetic “Western-Manga-esque” brand of graphic detailing, but sadly falls short of bringing the same dynamic and appeal brought by Moore. In any case, I must admit that  I plan on dropping this series following this issue, but that Smith is a far more capable writer than I had initially given him credit for. 

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