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All-New Ghost Rider #05

by King on April 02, 2015

All-New Ghost Rider #05 Main Image
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colorist: Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel
Well, here it is y’all: the end. Not to the series, but to its first arc as well as Tradd Moore’s phenomenal contributions to our new hero’s tale. All sadness aside, let’s dive right in: read this.
In case you haven’t picked up on it by now: Grumpy isn’t the big bad, Mr. Friggin’ Hyde is the big bad. I think I already mentioned it, but choice out of complete left field. With Grumpy dealing with the onslaught that happened last issue, and Robbie still recovering from getting thoroughly licked on just about all fronts, the stage is set for Zabo to enter and take back his territory, which of course involves going “Hyde” and using mercenary forces in suburban areas. Well, until the Ghost Rider pulls up, and let me just say that this final battle emphasizes one of my favorite elements of this run in terms of how Moore and Smith play worth Reyes’ power set because admittedly? Utilizing a Dodge Charger in a combat situation is a bit of a hard thing to pull off.
This issue does a lot not just to resolve the arc, but also to grant some direction and closure to preexisting parts of Robbie’s daily struggles, as a hero, kid, and brother. Smith has created one of the easiest “young” heroes for me to vest interest in – oaky, maybe the “new” New Warriors weren’t anything to scream about, but heroes such as Miles Morales, Sam Alexander, and Robbie Reyes all stand out as prime examples of what’s going right with new heroes and “coming of age stories.” Everything basically trickles down from Spidey with respect to the whole “great power/great responsibility” vibe, but these guys put enough of a spin on the trope that it does become fresh and genuine. Doesn’t hurt at all that Moore’s art is dope as always, and truly delivered one of the most unique reading experiences Marvel has to offer with its latest slew of “Marvel NOW!” titles.
That being said, as much as I want to stick with this series, Moore’s departure is definitely going to be noticeable, but I still think that Smith’s own development of Robbie through five issues alone has established a very signature and likeable young Ghost Rider. 

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