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All-New Ghost Rider #04

by King on March 31, 2015

All-New Ghost Rider #04 Main Image
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colorist: Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel
“Can’t win ‘em kid… but we’ll get there.”
Mutant growth hormone-jacked Grumpy and the new Ghost Rider finally face off! And the result is… still bad-ass, but not the outcome you typically want.
I’ll spoil the fight’s denouement right now (which is hopefully out of character for me) and say that Robbie loses. Like, “pounded into asphalt” loses. This is an important point not just because of the traditional element of “the hero losing than making a comeback,” but because it’s a clear echo to issue #1, when Robbie faces his brother’s bullies (the jackasses that took his chair). Even in his new role, there are still enemies Robbie himself can’t face, and that he’ll have to “level up” and take his time in order to get to such a point – it’s a tried and true trope sure, but a potent one in the case of developmental heroes. Especially with respect to Robbie in particular, whose own ambitions are less self-important and mainly revolve around wanting for the safety and health of his little brother, and as we see him still having to go through the daily motions (school, work, etc.) of a kid his age. It makes defeat even more crippling, as we saw in the first issue, but it also shows his growth between then and now.
In other news, Grumpy’s still going HAM on his mutant pill game, and “Hyde’s paramilitary circus” is recruiting, all as we see this penultimate installment in one of my favorite arcs of the year shape up to set the All-New Ghost Rider against every enemy he’s faced thus far all at once – as both personas. Smith and Moore are still working magic here, and whatever happens next can only be bigger and more badass.

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