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All-New Ghost Rider #02

by King on November 09, 2014

All-New Ghost Rider #02 Main Image
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colorist: Val Staples
Publisher: Marvel

First and foremost, I am not a patient man; so if you’re like me, this issue pays off.

This issue, we pick right where we left off, as our new Ghost Rider (one Robbie Reyes) squares off against the paramilitary forces seen in the prior issue. Needless to say, RPGs and hummers prove relatively ineffective against a guy with a flaming head. Smith also continues to waste no time whatsoever in ramping up the action in this series, delivering not just by showing more vengeance fueled goodness, but also in introducing our series’ antagonists; one of which the more well-read Marvel faithful may be familiar with, and the other being clearly reflective of current conditions in East L.A. (but, you know, with a superhuman/comic twist).

            Moore’s artistic tendencies continue to prevail in portraying both action and casual scenes, and in tandem with Val Staples vivid coloring proves to remain some of the most aesthetically appealing panels/pages in Marvel’s current run.

            This series continues to remain intriguing and fun, as well as even boasting some levels of emotion depth in character that you can feel yourself wanting to root for, and deviating from more stereotypical ’punk‘ tendencies (appearance aside). I’m still looking forward to seeing how events unfold, and don’t see this first arc disappointing anytime soon. 

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