Veil #2

by kanchilr1 on April 01, 2014

Greg Rucka - Writer

Toni Fejzula - Artist

Nate Piekos - Letters


Veil is a difficult book to love at the moment, as the series is holding all of its cards very close to the chest. The book is stirringly obtuse in spite of itself, and difficult to really get emotionally attached to. Greg Rucka stated early on that this series would be weird, and at the moment I can see the merits of his statement. The first two issues of this title thus far have simply not given enough information to readers in order to be a truly compelling story. If there is actual world building being established here, it has not been crafted in a manner that would really hook readers in. The story is small and is only focused on the street, there have only been a handful of characters in the tale. One is almost completely detached from personal interaction, and the other seems like a boring run of the mill other everyman.


Together, these two are not enough to carry a story together. Which is actually where this issue starts to reveal it’s cards to a greater effect. The new hero being caught by mobsters actually has an interesting backstory as well as a strong few moments here. The plot is slowly being framed together in an interesting manner. It still begs the question; why could readers not get a solid look at him in the last issue? The tale is also still too simplistic, as there is still no real driving force or sense of weight stakes of the story. Veil attempts drives the plot, but readers have no sense regarding what makes her compelling. The story holds too much far too close. The first issue in particular does not come full circle to the point where readers could have the chance to be seriously invested. Obviously Greg Rucka writes for the long term story, and with this tale it does seem like something truly amazing could be coming right down the corner, but this is still too sparse and skeletal for me to recommend this comic book for anybody. Since this is such an esteemed creator working on such an interesting title, I would say to keep your eye on reviews. Take a look to see if the author is crafting a bigger world in the coming issues.


Art by Toni Fejzula is quite interesting. The artist paints his work, which automatically makes him stand out from most of the major artists currently working in comics. His broad brush strokes have a surprisingly fine tuned amount of detail, and make for some great color work in most spots. I have a slight disconnect with his lines especially when it comes to faces. The different people look far too abstract at times, which only serves to pull me out of the comic book further. His style fits the bleak tone of the writing, and also serves to put different parts of the story back into place. Something should also should be said about his great mix of magic and urban settings under the roof of one issue. Everything he draws is very believable to great effect, to the point where readers know exactly what kind of story the artist and writer are telling from the cover.

Veil #2 is a glorious exercise in frustration. If only Greg Rucka could stop being so obtuse and let me enjoy enjoy the story that he is telling.

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