Satellite Sam #1

by kanchilr1 on July 03, 2013

The Team
Writer Matt Fraction Artist Howard Chaykin

Matt Fraction has been on a creative renaissance as of late, and is gearing up to launch an additional independent comic. The writer helms close to five scripts a month, and has maintained a level of quality unparalleled in titles like Hawkeye and FF. With all of that in mind, how could Satellite Sam possibly attain a high level of quality, among the massive body of work being published by the writer? The answer seems to be magic, because yes the title is very good and has that Matt Fraction seal of quality worthy of those great Marvel titles. This series has a great premise that will make it very attractive amongst comics literaries. Exploring 1950’s periodical television is rife with all kinds if untapped potential, in fact cable has never explored anything like this. This should prove that comic books are indeed forward thinking and this should stake a claim into the potential of this medium. This is one of the few modes of entertainment where people can go truly insane, and depict anything in their deepest darkest thoughts.

This above all else is a setup issue that explores some of the different characters featured in the series. What proves slightly unfortunate, is that a major plot point is given away on the cover. This would have proved more interesting, if it was not telegraphed a mile away. The other surprising aspect of the series for many, will be how character focused it is actually is. Lots of people are introduced in this issue, to the point where many will be lost without a second read of the first issue. This story is also going to have a very dark tone that may alienate some readers of the book, people swear here a lot! The world that Fraction is setting up in these pages seems worthy of an ongoing series, and it is unsure of whether this is mini-series or an ongoing. The other thing which may leave readers scratching their heads at the end of the issue here, is whether or not there are going to be supernatural presences at play in the story. While this issue is pretty cut and dry with strict drama, the possibility of paranormal intrigue may be too rich for Fraction to ignore.

The best part of the series may be Howard Chaykin’s art in the title. Personally his art has never really struck a chord with me as a reader, however the amount of craft in this comic is impossible to ignore. Nobody in the industry is better suited to tackle this story than the artist at hand. My favorite part about this series was the level of different kinds of grey color tones featured in the comic. Different shades of blacks and greys gave the art more weight, and let certain dimensions stick out more than others. The reason why Chaykin works here is because he is drawing the past. The artist unfortunately has a limited scope, but is used to his definitive advantage in these pages.

Satellite Sam delivers an invigorating first issue that warrants some serious attention from any fan who appreciates this medium. Fraction and company should be applauded for expanding the genre of Comic Books to a deeper extent seen here. The best part about this comic, is that it is experimental while still being completely enjoyable. Come to this series for the creative team, stay for the expansion of a medium.

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