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Saga #26

by Kalem Lalonde on March 08, 2015

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples

Saga is one of the most unanimously beloved comics of this generation. It’s the comic that brought Image comics the power it has in the industry today. It’s one of the best comics of all time and each issue brings something so unique and special that readers can’t help but fall in love.

The fifth arc began slow last month and that trend continues here. Some critics are really disliking this slow-paced approach but I’m not minding it because Brian K. Vaughan is taking the time to focus on his extremely layered and compelling characters.

 Issue #26 is Marko’s issue, but not in a way that would please you. Vaughan shows Marko’s inner turmoil as he ponders his violent tendencies and criticises himself for it. It’s truly a gloomy issue for this character and the final page involving him broke my heart. Vaughan is tearing his character apart and it’s so brutal to watch it unfold because we’ve grown so attached to them throughout this series. This seems to be the darkest arc yet and it’s painful to read at times. That truly is a testament to Brian K. Vaughan’s brilliance.

Fiona Staples’ is art has been praised in every manner possible. She’s a master artist and will go down as one of the best of all time. Her work here holds up to any previous issues where she conveys emotions through subtle facial changes or postures. There isn’t any other artst I would want working on this book, Staples is utter perfection.

Overall, Vaughan’s incredible character work mostly makes up for the sluggish plot in Saga #26. Saga has lost of bit of momentum, but it’s the still the fantastically unique book we adore.

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