Avengers #37

by Kalem Lalonde on November 22, 2014

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Mike Deodato 

Writer's note: I'll be reviewing some older Avengers and New Avengers issues this weekend in this smaller format so I can cover as much as I can!

Following the obvious, yet awesome cliffhanger in issue #34 of Avengers, we didn’t get to see the immediate aftermath of Steve’s new ambitions. We catch up with the elder, serumless Steve in Avengers #37 and his development is shocking to some degree. He’s pouty, furious and lacks self-control in abundance. I can’t help but pity the man, he’s evidently crushed by his friend’s betrayal and what the world has come to be. He wants to control everything and make everyone choose his definition of the “right” thing to do but has lost the majority of his Avengers team in doing so. Hickman greatly characterizes this self-righteous man here and I’m eager to see where he goes with this character. As for the plot, interesting twists involving the motivations of one of the more intriguing players in this story, Sue Richards are explored here kicking yet another thread into play. I’m constantly amazed by how many plot-lines Hickman can juggle while maintaining a cohesive and compelling story. Mike Deodato returns on art duties and does a fine job. His character designs are always a standout to me, his older and simultaneously bulky Steve notwithstanding. Overall, Avengers #37 is my favourite issue of Time Runs Out due to awesome characterization, interesting plot advancements and an unexpectedly exciting twist. 

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