Avengers #679

by Jrs1003 on February 08, 2018

Avengers #679
Writer: Mark WaidJim ZubAl Ewing 
Penciler: Kim Jacinto
Cover Artist: Mark Brooks 

In the latest entry of the No Surrender  event, the purpose behind what's happening to Earth was finally revealed. This was some much needed clarification, and this issue did it masterfully. Introducing a new character in the Challenger then delving into his backstory was a great framing device for the conflict our heroes are facing. The Challenger himself is much more interesting than any of the other new characters introduced to this story in the Lethal Legion. He works as a great foil to the Grandmaster, and is already a dynamic character after his first appearance.

Answering why the conflict is happening in the first place was done well mostly because there are still enough dangling plot threads to keep the story interesting. We still don't know why these heroes in particular were chosen for the game. Why only these specific members of each team, and why was Lightning singled out when every other solo hero was frozen? What is the mysterious affliction that Jarvis has contracted? (I know we got the Avengers Fever explanation, but I'd put money on some kind of revelation down the road.)

The art, as always, is solid. The colors are vibrant the characters themselves are expressive and exciting to look at. When Rogue blew up over the apparent death of Johnny Storm, I felt her pain. When Falcon was stuggling to control such a diverse team, his panic was apparent even without reading the dialogue. This event has been a great time, and the art really lends itself to this.

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