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All-New Invaders #15

by Jose R. on February 25, 2015

Written by: James Robinson

Art by: Steve Pugh & Guru-eFX


The real title of this book should be “We Got Canceled, So Here's A Summary of Stuff With No Ending”.


Before reading this, I had forgotten that this issue was the last. With the way the story was progressing, it seemed as if not too long ago Steve Robinson was planning to unleash a huge ending with every storyline getting tied together. But this is not what we got. Instead I read a book that told me what happened to certain characters after the big fight against Neo-Nazi's the last issue. My excitement for Lash appearing the last issue was tempered by his weak appearance. Most of the book is a detailing of where everyone (Iron Cross, Captain America, Radiance, etc.) from the last fight went on to do. The Martians, the Gods' Whisper, the original Vision; all of these things are mentioned being lose ends, but nothing happens. The story just stops. We don't even know what happens with Tanalth the Pursuer after dedicating almost an entire issue to her a couple of months ago.


But I don't think we can blame the lack of closure on the creative team so much. Since this title started, it'd been hit with some major changes that interfered with Robinson's story. Bucky was sent to space, Falcon became the new Cap and the old Cap is, well, old. On top of that, sales were low and Robinson was deep into developing a larger over-arching story. He promises to continue the stories in other books that he'll be writing for Marvel, but for now, we are left hung up to dry.


Oh yeah, Pugh's art and Guru-eFX's colors were great as ususal. I guess there's that. Oh and there were funny character interactions which healed the burns for a panel or two.  

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