Shadowman #4

by JohnP on February 08, 2013

There are few comics that blow you away every month. Shadowman is one of them. I have to give it up to Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher. They took a character I knew nothing about and had no attachment to and managed to make me into a fan who looks forward to reading Shadowman more than most other comics on my pull. They didn't do it with any cheap gimmicks either, they did it by writing and drawing the shit outta this book month in and out.

This week brings us to the end of the first arc and gives us an epic showdown between Shadowman and Mister Twist. The battle pulls no punches and includes multiple flying, severed body parts as Jack finally accepts his role and starts to realize his power as Shadowman. Further layers of the plot are revealed as we are introduced to the five members of "The Brethren" who are in cahoots with Master Darque in some way. Returning is Jaunty, the monkey from issue 3, much to my delight. I don't know about anyone else, but I really like that little primate.

As for the art, what can you say about the team of Patrick Zircher and colorist Brian Reber? They are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing or offer a word of criticism. How many synonyms are there for "awesome?"

In short, if you aren't reading this book, you should really check it out. Any fan of Justin Jordan's work...pick this book up ASAP. It is becoming my favorite thing he has done. At just 4 issues in it is a bit too soon to call, but I see this clearly surpassing Luther Strode. Really any fan of dark, vigilante heroes from Batman to Spawn will love this and any fans of the Dark line from DC need to add this to their pull right away. It's hard to standout when you're surrounded with great titles at Valiant, but Jordan and Zircher are at the top of the heap. The highest praise I could give is that I read this before even cracking open Harbinger or the Rotworld finale, and that is the truth.

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