Flash #15

by JohnP on January 05, 2013


Holy splash pages, Flash fans!
Like many people probably were, I was a bit trepidatious upon learning that the majority of the art in this issue was not going to be by Francis and Brian. Marcus To and Ryan Winn handle the art for the first 10-12 pages and manage to do an admirable job filling in on a book known for spectacular art. But from there, Francis Manapul takes it up several notches. Barry's unconscious mind, through the Speed Force, views several possible futures and Francis depicts these branching futures in a series of splash pages that up the ante on what have always been inventive page layouts. These incredibly detailed, meticulously drawn and colored pages are absolutely packed with so much that you will pick up on New things every time you look at them.

The story itself in this issue is a transitional one. Barry is basically unconscious the entire time. A lot happens with other characters, such as Party finally learning Barry is alive (she has assumed him dead for the majority of the series!) AND that he is the Flash. Grodd flees in search of a Speed Force recharge. Daniel West appears yet again, briefly, and yet again it appears important things will be happening with him soon although nothing really does right now. Iris is STILL trapped in the Speed Force. And the Rogues still are doing their part to battle Grodd's army.

Some may be frustrated by the perceived lack of plot in this issue, but transitional issues are a common fact in comic storylines. A lot happened last issue and this one sets up what look to be several major developments for the future. In fact, there will likely be multiple plot threads that have been building throughout the series that will be tied up in the coming penultimate Gorilla Warfare issues. I, for one, am a huge fan of this series's Flash reboot and can't wait to see what is in store for the Scarlet Speedster.

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