Green Hornet #32

by JohnP on December 21, 2012


It's no secret to Green Hornet readers that this series has been bad - like horrificly bad. I wish I could tell you that this month was different, but the descent from bad, to worse, to "Oh my God mercy kill this thing!" continues. Last month, we saw the Hornet's Nest attacked by Gravilov's thugs, possibly killing Reid, the Kato's, and Clutch. Who do we see survived? Clutch, the worst of the periphery characters in the series, who's death I would have actually cheered. Ok, so we also see that the Green Hornet lives, but he has absolutely no role in the entire issue.

"Hell yeah! Finally an issue focused entirely on Jeffrey Hollister/Moonbeam!" ...said no one ever. Unfortunately that's exactly what we get here. But wait, if that wasn't uninteresting enough, how about making him the new Scowl? Oh, that's old news you say? You didn't care about that anyway? Well how about this: he's the new Green Hornet now! Yep, with Reid presumed dead, the boy blunder decides taking over mantles is his new thing. If this all seems like cheap gimmicks and lazy writing, wait till you see his awesome Iron Man ripoff Hornet armor suit! Yes, it is worse than you're imagining. At this point, a Mad Magazine parody of the Hornet would provide better storylines than we are getting. At least it might be funny.

By now, I can't imagine there is a single reader who is enjoying this series. As a huge Hornet fan, it physically pains me every month to see the beloved character fall so far. Thankfully there is a bright, shining light at the end of this tunnel: Mark Waid's New Hornet series starts in March. Only two more issues to go until then.

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