All New X-Men #3

by JohnP on December 07, 2012

Well it seemed like only a matter of time before All-New X-Men faltered.  The first two issues were great - 9's out of 10 maybe - but this one hits a bum note.  It's been a little bit since we checked in on what Cyclops is up to and this whole issue is basically dedicated to that, except nothing at all really happens.  Sure, we learn how Emma rejoins Scott and we see the odd effects the Phoenix Force is having on those who came into contact with it, but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.  It's more of a minor hiccup for them at best since it doesn't stop them from breaking Emma out and none of them are harmed.  Yet most of the issue is wasted focusing on this.  Scott spends too much time whining about how it wasn't "really him" that killed the professor (Hint: any mention of it would have been considered "too much time", several pages is actually waaaay too much) as well as despairing about not having full control of his powers again.  Not to be outdone, Magneto chimes in to uncharacteristically scold Scott for this as well as complaining that it is Scott's fault for him also losing control of his powers.  This all just seems like filler that could have taken up much less space.  Towards the end we meet a (probably not terribly important) new mutant and I always like these "human suddenly discovers mutant power" scenes when they are written well and this one is.  I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything to say that it isn't till the final scene that we see the original X-Men team again, so much as just warning you not to expect it to happen.


The art team continues their excellent job here, even though they aren't given too much to work with.  Still loving Immonen's renderings of both the old and new X-Men.  I don't know if it's the fact that this title has shipped like 3 times in a month, but I'm perfectly happy to wait a couple weeks if the quality of the first two issues is kept up.  I'm still curious to learn more of what's going on with Hank and to see how having the original X-team running amok in present day pans out.  It seems likely that this issue is a small bump on the road for a series that has great things in store for it.  I have faith that Bendis will be back on track two weeks from now in #4.

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