The Lone Ranger #11

by JohnP on December 05, 2012

Chapter Five of the "Native Ground" arc finds the focus back on John Reid.  In the last several issues, Tonto's pre-Ranger history was shown in flashbacks and it was quite an epic mini-series in its own right.  The story now continues in the present day, with Reid trying to convince the Ute tribe to help the mortally injured Tonto.  The Ute healer, as it turns out, has been taken by a nearby camp of Mormon settlers and the Lone Ranger must work with the untrusting Ute who are as inclined to kill him as they are help him.  Betrayal and religion are themes that are tackled in the narrative as this great arc approaches its conclusion.


Andre Parks continues to do well with the Lone Ranger story.  It's hard to imagine this is the same guy who was a part of some incredibly mediocre Green Hornet issues.  It also is impossible not to continually compare him to the great work done by Bret Matthews on Volume One, but I'm happy to say he's doing quite well.  The first few pages could have moved a little faster, but I can't complain otherwise.  The Ranger's exchange with the Mormon settlers is particularly well-written and I hope to see more of that in the next issue.  Esteve Polls does a fine job pencilling.  When you put the art here next to the expansive, cinematic work done by Sergio Cariello...well there's no comparison, but Poll's definitely does not lack skills. 


This is another good chapter in the tale of the Lone Ranger.  Anyone who is a fan of the character or of westerns in general should be reading this.

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I love this series. Ande Parks puts a lot of research, especially small bits, into his writing which makes this book feel more realistic than fantasy. I find myself closing the comic and wishing it was next moth already.