Shadowman #2

by JohnP on December 05, 2012

After two issues, it's clear Shadowman will be following the same awesome path of every Valiant title so far:  It began spectacularly and each issue expands upon that start, maintaining that high level while creating a fascinating world populated with real and interesting characters.  Shadowman #2 begins this expansion immediately, showing more of Dox and Alyssa as they meet Jack Boniface, the new Shadowman.  We also see more of Master Darque and Mr. Twist, but the true star of the show is the action and the art.


Patrick Zircher's dark and detailed style perfectly fits the comic and truly pops.  The panel where a possessed cop is rammed with a car has spot-on blurring effects which really puts you into the action and the ante is upped immediately - twice - as Shadowman punches threw a demon's head and then proceeds to pry it's mouth open, reach down it's throat, and rip the demon parasite out from it's innards.  It's every bit as cool as it sounds.  Zircher's artistic talents shine not only during the fighting, but really in every single panel.  This may be the best looking book out of Valiant's entire stable, which is really saying something.


As I said, some time is spent here expanding the world and cast of the book.  Dox and Alyssa explain a bit of backstory to Jack, as well as introducing themselves to him and the audience as his Abettors.  We also get a bigger glimpse at Master Darque, his plans, and the amusing and evil Mr. Twist.  The writing really bring these characters to life, each of them having their own distinct personalities.  Even during dialogue and necessary exposition, it remains entertaining and everything serves the plot.  This is the kind of writing that I like to see.


Shadowman is shaping up to be the strongest title yet in a relaunch full of home runs from Valiant.  Each issue stands alone as a great chapter, but also advances a wider tale at the same time, and from the looks of things the story is only going to get darker and more intense.   I highly recommend getting in now on the ground floor of Shadowman.  This is going to be epic.

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