Flash #14

by JohnP on November 29, 2012

Anyone who has been reading Manapul and Buccellato's Flash knows that month after month it never fails to entertain.  In Flash #14, they've really upped their game.  Part two of Gorilla Warfare is a story with a lot of moving parts.  Up to now, the previous issues have been relatively straightforward, but this issue not only introduces a new character who we (unknowingly) met in a previous issue and who is sure to impact the future of the series, but we also to see a little more about Daniel West.  At the same time, Flash continues to battle Grodd mano e mano throughout the issue and the big ape's new speed force powers are proving to be too much for Barry.  I admit I wasn't overly excited for this Grodd storyline when it was first announced, but I'm fully converted now.  The hairy bastard is a more fearsome villian than any of the Rogues.


As for the art in this book...what can I say?  It's phenomenol.  It has been since day one and this issue is a prime example.  Flash and Grodd's battle has amazing splash pages and multiple-panel punches that greatly emphasize how Grodd's new power is effecting Flash.  The gorilla army fighting the Rogues provides a few great splash pages as well.  But what really stood out even amongst the sea of greatness is the depiction of the backstory to the new character, who is the narrator of the issue.  These scene were not only fascinating, but they were drawn in a slightly different style (almost reminiscent of old Swamp Thing) that didn't feel out of place, yet still highlighted those panels as being seperate from the main timeline.


This was most definitely the best issue of Flash so far.  The plot seems to be getting deeper and it looks like the new character is going to introduce an over-arcing facet to the series.  I'm pysched to see one of my favorite titles suddenly get even better and I've never been anticipating the next issue as much as I am now.

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Glad to see people are still enjoying this book.  I dropped it a few issues back becasue the writing was just not as strong as the art was.  I'd be curious to see if I would enjoy this more if someone else besides the artists handled the writing chores, but maybe I'm being too harsh.  It's a great effort at any length, I just wish the narrative was a little more cohesive, but your review defintely makes me thing I need to give it another try.