Dark Shadows #10

by JohnP on November 21, 2012

The latest chapter of Dark Shadows opens with Barnabus burying the dead.  This more than shows the characters moving on from the events of the last arc, but symbolically is meaningful as Barnabus, no fully human, buries his former self.  The beginning of the new storyline shows him enjoying his newfound humanity and the spoils that come with it.  However, Lockwood is still on the loose and Emma is on her own, struggling to survive as a new vampire.  Barnabus finds himself forced into the odd position of vampire hunter as he seeks to stop Lockwood from bringing further harm to Collinsport as well as finding Emma before the need to feed overtakes her.


Dynamite's Dark Shadows has been a faithful adaptation, sure to please longtime fans of the cult hit and this issue is no exception.  Mike Raight continues to weave a dark, soap opera narrative and new artist Nacho Tenorio maintains the standard of art the series has kept so far.  The art is reminiscent of great old horror/thriller series of the past, stylistically evoking the work on such titles as House of Mystery and House of Secrets.  Fans of that type of series can expect to find a solid, if not overly creative, facsimile in Dark Shadows.  Those who aren't already drawn to this, however, will probably not find much compelling here.

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