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Suicide Squad #10

by John White on January 24, 2017

Written by: Rob Williams & Si Spurrier
Art by: Hi-Fi
Colored by: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: DC Comics

The threat of Max Lord and Eclipso is behind them but Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad are thrust into overdrive as one of the original members of Task Force X makes one last attempt at revenge. Following a crossover event that was non-stop action, Suicide Squad #10 takes a different approach to drama by instead playing on feelings of revenge and family betrayal. Even without filling this issue with more explosions than a Michael Bay movie, Rob Williams & Si Spurrier still manage to write a compelling story that will leave one member of Task Force X shaken to the core and perhaps lead them down a path from which there is no return.

Despite their victory over the original Task Force X and Max Lord, not all members of the first Suicide Squad are accounted for. The issue opens with Rustam making his way through a secret military base stockpiled with nuclear weapons like a hot knife through butter. Although his intention seems to be the weapons of mass destruction, this proves only to be a way to grab the attention of Amanda Waller. Instead of stealing a nuke he leaves behind a picture of the Director’s surviving children, marking them as his next victims. As was to be expected, Waller jumps into action and sends Task Force X to forcibly rescue her wayward children from the dangers of their normal life.

This issue focuses mostly on the relationship between Waller and her children, which is frosty to say the least. That her work, in one way or another, led to the death of her husband and two of her children is not news, but that they had three children who are still breathing is. Following the deaths of the rest of the family, Waller threw herself into work while her remaining children were left to grieve on their own. Although she may have deluded herself into thinking she had done the right thing, her children’s reaction to their reunion would prove otherwise. Instead of viewing their mother has a hero who has come to save them from a threat, they see no difference between Amanda Waller and the criminals she controls. This revelation, along with a few others in the issue, is all part of Rustam’s plan for revenge. He does not wish to kill Amanda Waller’s children but rather destroy her world by making her realize that they view her as the monster he claims she is.

Writing a satisfying epilogue for a massive event like the Justice League/Suicide Squad crossover can be a hard thing to do, but Rob Williams & Si Spurrier manage to do just by focusing on something small. Instead of trying to build upon the excitement of the limited series, they slow the story down and focus on the very real issues of a strained family. Although the events may be populated with super beings and terrorist, this is still a story of an absentee parent and the havoc that can wreck on children. Rustam’s plan for revenge was simple. To utterly destroy Amanda Waller he only had to show her that in the eyes of those she holds most dear, she is nothing more than the monster he has long claimed her to be.

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