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Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

by John White on January 04, 2017

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Jesus Merino
Colored by: Alex Sinclair
Publisher: DC Comics
As the Justice League gets acquainted with the inner workings of Belle Reve, Max Lord and his gang of villains move one step closer to their goals of world domination and Amanda Waller’s demise. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3 is a real info drop of an issue as we learn the reason Waller brought the Justice League to Belle Reve, gain some background on Lord’s team, and understand why it is that two of DC’s top teams are needed to stop them.  

The issue opens with Batman restrained and on his way to the infirmary of Belle Reve where Amanda Waller is waiting for him with her favorite bomb-injecting toy in hand. Of course the bonds of a simple prison could not hold the Dark Knight for long but instead of his liberations surprising her, Amanda Waller is only surprised it took so long. As it turns out, her ordering the capture of the Justice League was actually just a conversation starter. Her goal was not to conscript them into service, but rather entice the heroes to join up with her Squad in order to stop Maxwell Lord. Although Batman is quick to dismiss the idea, seeing no difference between the Suicide Squad and just another gang of criminals, the timely arrival of Rick Flag and the security black-box from the Catacombs, the very prison that Max Lord liberated in the first issue, manages to change his mind.  What Batman sees on the security footage convinces him that although he may not like Waller’s methods, she was not wrong to turn to the Justice League for help.

The interactions between the Suicide Squad and the temporarily immobilized Justice League are the real highlight of the issue. Although oftentimes on opposing sides of the law, there is no getting around the fact that some of these heroes and villains have long and deep histories. The way Captain Boomerang teases the Flash would be just as fitting for old friends laughing at each other’s temporary follies as it does for a killer mocking his old nemesis. Their repartee and Superman’s surprising interest in finding the good in Killer Frost, indicates that it will not be so difficult for these teams to put their differences aside to stop Max Lord, and as the ending of issue shows, that may come sooner rather than later.

Although not as action packed as the first two issues, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3 more than makes up for it by giving background on Max Lord’s team but also finally explains why they all want Amanda Waller dead. Josh Williamson seems to be at home with these characters, and even though it can be difficult with so many to give everyone their time in the spotlight, he achieves this splendidly by making sure no time is wasted on any character and each does something to advance the story. The artwork by Jesus Merino and Alex Sinclair continues to be strong, directing the flow of the story as much as any bit of dialogue. With a bombshell reveal at the end and a major battle on the horizon, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3 is an issue you will not want to put down and leave you clamoring for the next issue until its release.

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