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Justice League #8

by John White on November 02, 2016

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Neil Edwards
Colored by: Tony Avina
Ink by: Daniel Henriques
             Following their battle with The Kindred and the departure of one of their own, The Justice League is given time to reflect on all that has befallen them and the world. As they wonder whether they have done, or are even capable of, doing enough, the world mourns the death of an ordinary woman whose passing has left it’s mark on the world in a way her life never could.  This is the set up for Justice League #8 as Bryan Hitch begins his latest arc. Although it begins as an exploration of grief, mourning, and self doubt would be interesting, that doesn’t pack the excitement punch that readers have come to expect from a Justice League book so it is safe to say that someone, or something makes its presence known as it attempts to take down, literally, the League itself.
            The issue opens with Cyborg alone in the watchtower, wondering if the League did enough during the battle with the Kindred, as he and the rest of the world watches the funeral of Dianne Palmer, the only victim of the Kindred’s attack. While Victor is saddened and begins to question where he fits on the scales of good and evil, Batman has a different feeling on the matter. Although he is watching the same broadcast in the Batcave, he does not despair over one civilian death but rather is quick to point out that they did all they could and that on some days they aren’t able to save everybody. The difference in their reactions goes to show the maturity of the caped crusader and the relative naïveté of Cyborg.
            The time of self-reflection is cut short as Cyborg begins to notice something hidden in the funeral broadcast. A secret code that he realizes, only too late, is programmed to take him over and bring down the watchtower. Simultaneously it infects the Batcave and all of the Dark Knight’s wonderful toys come to life and try to kill him and the wonderful Alfred. With a space station plummeting out of the sky and an arsenal of weapons turning on their creator, it is clear that is a menace that the Justice League may not be able to punch their way out of.
          The first issue of his latest arc proves that Venditti is determined to treat these characters as people rather than just the larger than life figures they have become. The idea that the losses have a real emotional effect on the League members is interesting a worth exploration and that Cyborg , who is simultaneously the least and most human of anyone, would be effected the most presents an interesting juxtaposition with the more experienced League members and one I hope is explored in issues to come. Although only one person perished in the Kindred’s attack, Justice League #8 makes it clear that her loss will be felt for issues to come and may prove to be that catalyst that brings down the League itself.

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