Justice League #1

by John White on July 22, 2016

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Tony S. Daniel
Ink by: Sandu Florea
            It’s just another day and another potential world ending disaster in this corner of the DC Universe. Who knew going into this issue that Wonder Woman dealing with Eastern European extremist would be the “calm” part of Justice League #1. Bryan Hitch pulls out all the stops in his first post-Rebirth issue. From the first page to the last, this issue is non-stop action that will have fans cheering. As all good number ones are, this is just the opening salvo of a much larger and very intriguing story. A new villain is introduced, Batman is still wary of the new/old Superman, and we learned that Cyborg tends to talk to himself … a lot.
           As this issue begins the League is spread out across the globe dealing with various issues when suddenly the earth shakes so violently that the newscasters are quick to label it an extinction level event. Although the scientist are quick to call this a series of natural disasters any reader, and at this point anyone within the greater DC universe, should know that there is some nefarious being behind these quakes. Hitch has taken his opportunity at the helm of Justice League to do something really great. While many writers would rely on these characters’ extensive back catalog of villains as a crutch, he has decided to create a new and exciting villain, the aforementioned Kindred. Although it has yet to manifest itself physically, the way it made quick work of the League members proves that the Kindred will provide a real and original challenge for at least an issue or two.
            Even though this is certainly Bryan Hitch’s title story, the look of it is vintage Tony S. Daniel. It is safe to say he is one of the premier talents in the industry, and that is on full display in this issue. The action he fills in each of his panels could tell stories on their own, and the action poses he puts each member in are just waiting to be made into posters and mass-produced. Combined with the sharp ink work of Sandu Florea, this issue is not only a please to read, but also behold.
           Despite only a brief cameo from hazy images of Superman, Justice League #1 builds on the promise of Hitch’s Rebirth issue to deliver great stories that could only be told in this series. The problems are grand and the solution will be complex. Although there is no telling what havoc the Kindred will unleash upon the earth we can rest assured that it will be intricate, original, and worthy of a great Justice League story.

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