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Immortal Brothers: The Tale of the Green Knight#1

by Jason Laframboise on April 14, 2017

Published by Valiant Comics

This issue is really a throwback to an old school Valiant Universe plot device, taking an existing story such as the Three Musketeers, and adding the immortal brothers into the role of several characters(see the amazing Archer and Armstrong/Eternal Warrior #8 flip book if you ever get a chance). This time around the brothers are cast in the Arthurian story of the Green Knight. Gilad the Eternal Warrior is Sir Gawain, Ivar the Time Walker is Merlin and Armstrong seems to be living as Armstrong, teaching monks to brew alcohol and there seems to be an issue with some nuns who might be with child. In the framing device used Archer is telling the story to a sick Faith. We get a basic knights of the round table tale, but with a few Valiant twists that may involve Geomancers(Valiant's spirits of the Earth) and might turn the whole King Arthur legend on its ear. 

Fred Van Lente returns to writing the characters that he really made his own over the past few years of Valiant, with Archer and Armstrong and Ivar, Time Walker both being series he wrote longer then anyone in the modern times. Van Lente also introduced the Eternal Warrior to new readers. So it is nice to see him writing these characters again, as I do consider his take the best so far in this new era. Van Lente's style mixes comedy and drama expertly with the jokes being very well timed and made me laugh hard at points. The final page might be off putting for some readers, but it spoke to me, mostly because of somethings that Van Lente and I have in common. 

Cary Nord and Clay Mann share the art chores in this one. Now I'm no expert and it's not credited so I am not sure which one drew which section, but I believe that Nord drew the framing sequences with Archer and Faith and Mann did the main story. If I am mistake I apologize. Either way I enjoyed both sections. Both artists do a great job. I enjoyed the art full. The Archer and Faith stuff came off very touching towards the end of the book in the last section, so it was the art that acted out everything nicely there.

Overall a great one-shot issue that hit all the right character beats for me. There was no silly out of character stuff with this one. It was a tight well told story by someone who knows these people. Just a solid book that told a complete story with one issue which is a nice change of pace. 

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