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Faith #8

by Jason Laframboise on February 01, 2017

Written by JODY HOUSER
Published by Valiant Comics

Faith continues to fight the literal ghosts of her past in this barn burning page turner of an issue. Last issue Faith was confronted by the ghosts of her parents who had died in a car accident, for which Faith blames herself, her deceased teammate Flamingo whom Faith feel guilty about not being able to save her, and finally her doppelgänger from an earlier issue in this current series, who Faith feels she should have taken the place of sacrificing herself to save the people at Comic Con. In this issue Faith learns the truth about the nature of these ghosts and who is behind their appearance in her life.

This quick two part story was really well done and a very fun read. Jody Houser's take on Faith has really grown on me. The way the series has been paced is one of the many things that has taken me back to my younger days of comic book fandom. Shorter stories that blend together with overarching plot points that run through the back ground of the stories really appeals to this reader. The at times unsure of herself Faith makes the character even more relatable. Faith herself is such a great character, and the supporting cast that Houser has fleshed out thus far has given the series a unique voice in the Valiant universe, and really in comics in general. The writing of this book really is superb. I love the overarching story of Faith's villains, great stuff.

The art as usual is perfect for this series. It is fittingly warm and engaging and conveys the meaning of each scene very well. Every page is great, I love the facial expressions. The team really did a great job with this whole issue. My problems with the design of the ghosts from the previous issue(I had some trouble telling them apart) was no existent in this issue, maybe seeing them all in one panel helped, although again that probably was my own fault since I read the last book while pretty tired. Either way the art is great and I love it. Colours again are also great. Did I mention I loved the art?

This book really helped turn a pretty awful week into one a little bit brighter(if you don't know what's going on consider yourself lucky and don't pick up a newspaper). I am happy this book is out there. It is the opposite of the dark books that we get a lot of time now. Honestly this is an old school super hero book and it really appeals to me. It might partially be my nostalgia for my childhood, but it is a great read, and deserves all the praise that it gets. It's by far my favourite book I've read so far in this young year, and I hope it continues along this same awesome positive path.

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