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Bloodshot Salvation #5

by Jason Laframboise on January 12, 2018

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Published by Valiant Comics

Here we go for another fantastic issue of Bloodshot Salvation. We are getting three different stories running in the book. In the first one we get in this issue it’s at a future date where Bloodshots wife(?) Magic is on the run along with their daughter Jessie, running from a mysterious villain Rampage but has found a place to hide thanks to the Bloodshot squad and Punk Mambo. Secondly we are in the past, or is that the present where Magic has rushed Jessie to the hospital because she has become a baby Bloodshot, while Bloodshot or should we say Ray Garrison has been taken captive by Magics deranged cult leader father. 

So the writing here is awesome. What do you expect from Jeff Lemaire? We are basically getting three stories that at the moment with one only tangentially linked to the others. If the events are all related we haven't been given the ways how yet. That's fine really, I am happy to go on this journey with Lemaire, because I know he is a great writer and his track record with the Bloodshot character has been stellar so far. One of my favourite things about the book might be how little of what is going on has been revealed at this point. That’s all because of the writing, I am intrigued enough to keep coming back even though I don’t really know what’s going on.  I love the way in the Jeff Lemaire penned Bloodshot books he gets to play around with time. It’s an impressive bit of universe building we’ve gotten so far from this great writer and I can’t wait to see where we go next.

The art is great. It sort of reminds me of a more raw version of Alex Ross. The whole book has a really awesome horror vibe. Also I love the action scenes starring my favourite Valiant character Ninjak. I love the painted look with this realistic style. The scenes that take place while Ray is tied up at the farm are really great. Although I won't spoil it, the seconed last page is actually brilliantly framed. 

This was the final issue of book one as the last page of the book tell us. The story is advancing nicely, but there is a lot going on in these 5 issues. It almost feels like 15 issues worth of story stuff into them. It's not a bad thing I love a nice meaty read like this, but since we are jumping around between 3 different time periods it could be a little confusing. Overall we are getting a masterpiece of a story that is taking a long time to unpack. I loved this issue and the series as a whole is a great read that you must pick up.

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