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Fantomah #2

by Jason Laframboise on November 13, 2017

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Soo Lee
Published by: Chapterhouse Comics

I have been waiting for this issue since I finished the final page of the first issue. The first issue was one of my favorite comic books I have read this year. In that issue we were introduced to Paz Gallegos, who has been having nightmares about a ghostly being, and then she was murdered only to come back as the mysterious Fantomah and she took revenge on her murderers. Now she is trying to find her missing sisters and that's where we left off with the last issue. This issue Paz continues her journey to get back her sisters. There isn't much I can give away for the plot in this review without giving away too much, but we find out that Paz's father might just be the reason her sisters are missing. Paz is also being hunted by the remainder of the gang whose members she killed last issue, or is that to say that Fantomah is being hunted.

The art is killer once again. There is almost no action this time around, more of a subtle violence just like the first issue. I love the idea of that, having all of the really gory stuff happening almost entirely off screen. I am not big on gore, it doesn't really bother me, but I just don't want it to be over the top with every page being blood soaked, so this is the kind of horror book I love. We only get a few pages on which Fantomah appears, but they are really well done. There is a two panel page that I loved, with Fantomah floating above the police station and then disappearing. It was so subtle and just fabulous. Another thing worth mentioning is the page layouts themselves, I love the way the panels are used in this issue. I would be kicking myself if I didn't point out the great cover we get in this issue. Simply awesome.

Ray Fawkes has done an outstanding job with this book so far. Even though we are only two issues in this has told a great story. Two issues that to me are perfect. I love the almost Spielberg's Jaws like approach we are having with the monster not being shown much. I have used this word many times in this review but subtle is the best way to describe the book. There is also more character development going on in these pages than a lot of books have in 5 issues. It's a meaty read, it's not one that you will read in 2 minutes by any means.

Overall I must say this is an awesome book that should be bought if you can. It's well written, well drawn and is in my opinion just the perfect horror comic. I have a history with the character, as I am a fan of the original Fantomah, but this series is way beyond that series. It took all of my expectations of the character and over delivered. I just love it, so please buy this book anyway that you can, be it single issues or trade, it is worth more money than Chapter House is charging for it. Two issues in, Two perfect scores! Is the third issue out yet?

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