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Ninjak #27

by Jason Laframboise on May 18, 2017

Written by: Kevin Maurer
Art by: Cafu
Colours by: David Barron
Published by Valiant Comics

Well this is it. The final issue of the current Ninjak series. I am so bummed out to have to write that. It's been a really fun ride. Matt Kindt with a little help from Robert Venditti crafted a great story and helped establish a terrible 90's character as a viable main event player in the Valiant Universe. This issue is written by a different writer however, as Kevin Maurer take the helm for this standalone issue. In this story Ninjak is dispatched by his British Secret Service handler Neville Alcott to the Middle East to extract a Dr. Khalid Khan, who has been creating Bio weapons. This mission goes as well as it usually does for our hero.

Cafu's art is full of great action. Cafu shows a lot of great action. I love the detail he puts into the back ground. I love the panels of Ninjak doing what Ninjak does to the nameless guards in the issue. Lots of good stabbing action. Cafu is one of my favourite cover artists in the Valiant stable and he does a great job with the art.

The story was an enjoyable one and done and seems to be leading right into the next Ninjak story, Rapture. We get an issue that despite being written by another author still is spot on in its characterization of the main player. I'm not sure exactly why we had other issue after Kindt wrapped up his story. There was no sense of finality in this issue. I just thought it was a little odd to have another issue, maybe it was to top the original series' numbering? Though Ninjak volume one had a 0 issue and a 00 issue so that can't be it. Either way it was a well written book and a worthwhile issue to close out this great series.

Although I'm sad to see this one come to an end, it's not like the character of Ninjak is going anywhere. If anything Ninjak is going to be everywhere over the next year or so with the Rapture mini series, a new ongoing series later this year and at some point the web series Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe will drop. So we won't be at a loss for Ninjak. With that being said this book has been one of my favourites this year and if not for the excellent Bloodshot Reborn, would have been my top book. It was a good finale and I can't wait for more.

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