Superman #9

by Ian B on October 19, 2016

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by: Doug Mahnke

Coloured by: Wil Quintana

Lettered by: Rob Leigh



In the previous issue, while attempting to help Jon with his science project, Superman and his son are inadvertently transported to another world where dinosaurs still rule. Exploring the island that they have found themselves on, Superman discovers several destroyed World War II vehicles, along with some soldiers graves. Realizing that they may not be alone, and someone else on this island may be able to help them locate the science project that they hope can take them home, Superman and Jon follow the signs of humanity to a cave in the jungle. Inside the cave, they discover a plaque detailing the last days of the American soldiers who fought in World War II, known as the Losers.



This issue picks up immediately after, with Superman and Jon being interrupted by an old man firing wildly at them. Superman block Jon and talks the man down, discovering that he is Captain Storm, the last living member of the Losers. After a brief respite where Storm buries another soldier's bones that Superman had found and Superman crafts a new wooden leg for Storm, they set off for the northern peninsula, where Storm suspects their device may have ended up. Reaching the north, they are suddenly attacked by the native creatures, fighting their way forward until they encounter a large white gorilla with his eye replaced by the same style of technology seen attached to the octopus monster several issues before. Searching through the gorilla's throne of discarded plane pieces and other technology, Jon spies his science project, him and Superman grabbing on to it as it begins to glow. Despite Superman's best efforts, Storm elects to stay behind, unwilling to part with the remains of his comrades. While the introduction and apparent death of Storm may have been a bit quick, this issue did do a good job of showing him as a man completely devoted to his team, even after their death. In addition, it is nice to see the book further adding to the mystery of this technology that is controlling powerful creatures that Superman has been encountering.



Some of the artwork on the characters looks rough, which works for a character like Captain Storm, a rough man anyway, but comes off as sloppy on Jon. The style does, however, work well for the creatures that inhabit the island, thankfully, which is what a lot of this issue focuses on. Some touching up on some of the characters faces in particular would lead to a much more enjoyable and consistent style.



Ultimately, I enjoyed this issue even if this story arc ultimately didn't feel particularly necessary. While it did have small hints at further revelations in the future, it is nice to sometimes just take a couple of issues off of the overall narrative and just have comic book style goofy adventures, which is what this arc essentially delivered, albeit along with some more serious drama included as Jon wonders if they will be able to get home and Storm mourns his dead companions. I look forward to seeing the overall story of Superman slowly come into focus, but for now it is nice to have these hints spread out among stories that are both fun and a little silly.

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