World of Tanks #1

by Ian B on August 31, 2016

Written by: Garth Ennis

Art by: Carlos Ezquerra

Coloured by: Michael Atiyeh

Lettered by: Rob Steen



This comic is based on the multiplayer online game of the same name, World of Tanks. In this game, players take control of a tank and must destroy their opponents tanks in either team based or deathmatch style modes. I say that the comic is based on the game, but with such a broad premise as World of Tanks, they take certain liberties with the story. Ultimately, the story is truly set in World War 2, and follows the stories of two separate groups, a British crew attempting to join the Allied Armies on the front, and the Germans of the Panthers of Panzerabteilung 130.



The story begins with the British crew arriving at Normandy along with several other tank crews who quickly begin to head for the front lines. Meanwhile, the German Panthers, cut off from the main German forces by constant aerial attack, stop in a thicket to perform maintenance and get their tanks in working order again. This is interrupted by yet another Allied air patrol, who spots them, bombarding them with fire before flying off. With several tanks now destroyed beyond repair, the Panthers return to their maintenance under the cover of the fallen trees. The British crew continues its advance when they come upon the hiding place of the Panthers who, due to their camouflage, take the Allied tanks by surprise as they burst from their cover, attacking them full force. The issue ends with the British crew's tank breaking away from the pack and charging towards the Panther's lead tank. The story is not overly interesting, but serves as an introduction to what feels like a larger story. We don't get to know our characters particularly well in this issue, and most of it felt like a lot of build up to a payoff that will be coming in some future issue.



I've been jumping back and forth on whether I think the artwork is bad or simply not to my liking, but I honestly think it may be a bit of both. While much of the artwork appears to be a reference to the old World War 2 comics of the past, the consistency isn't there to really prove that it is entirely a styalistic choice, with faces changing shape oddly from panel to panel and features being a bit distorted. The tanks look good, which I would hope to be true in a story theoretically focused on them, but the artwork is simply too inconsistent to really enjoy even in a nostalgic way.



Ultimately, I went into this issue not expecting a whole lot, and I came out feeling like I had gotten roughly what I expected. While it may pick up in future issues, this issue just doesn't do enough to suck you in and justify you buying those future issues. If you're a fan of Ennis, maybe you could get some enjoyment out of the series, as it's not awful, just dull. I don't recommend it, however.

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