Daredevil #8

by Ian B on June 08, 2016

Written by: Charles Soule

Drawn by: Goran Sudzuka

Coloured by: Matt Milla

Lettered by: Clayton Cowles



Daredevil has quickly been rising up the ranks of my favourite superheroes since the beginning of All New All Different Marvel, and going back and reading some of the older material, the current series definitely holds up in comparison. A shift in focus from defence to prosecution, as well as the addition of a protege creates a good time for new readers to jump on board, and the quality of the book ensures that they will keep coming back.



This issue begins a new story arc, Blind Man's Bluff, and focuses more on Matt Murdock than on his costumed persona. Matt, under a fake name, has entered a poker tournament to both try to make some money, as well as to find the location of a mysterious object held by the Spider-Man villainess Black Cat. Complicating matters is the casino's trump card; a telepath that ensures that all of the money wagered on the game ultimately comes into the possession of the casino. The issue focuses on Matt's powers allowing him to interpret the tells of the other players, despite not being able to see his own cards, as well as the mental game that occurs between Matt and the telepath as they try to out maneuver each other both in game and on a mental level.



The art remains a joy to see, with heavy emphasis on red, black and white to present a world that is both easily distinguishable, as well as interpretive of the world as Matt views it. Matt Milla continues to do an amazing job of emphasizing the correct elements, drawing the readers eye to important details and creating a vibrant atmosphere with a very minimal pallet. My only very minor complaint would be the slight inconsistency of this emphasis, as occasionally things that were vibrant in one panel are not in the next, however this is a significantly minor issue.



All-in-all, Daredevil #8 is a terrific issue, and sets up a very interesting premise for this arc. With interesting uses of his powers, as well as showcasing Matt's intelligence, Daredevil continues to be one of my most anticipated books every week that it comes out, and it doesn't seem like that will change any time soon.

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